A little about me

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog. Thank you for visiting. I am new to this but I love writing. I find that I can better express my thoughts through writing so I find it quite therapeutic. So I am honored if anyone ventures unto my blogs but I write mostly to keep myself sane.

I love my family : I am blessed to be married to my best friend and we have three beautiful children.

I am passionate about fitness. I love everything in the world of fitness : any kind of cardio strength training, I say Bring It on!!

As for nutrition, well I don’t love eating healthy but I recognize how important it is and must figure out a way to stay on a healthy nutrition path.

My family is going through some transitions and I have been dealing with personal issues and changes so for the past month health and fitness has taken a back seat. However I am ready to get back on track.

Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I starting over my journey.


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